Monthly Project – Dear Self

January 7th, 2011

Dear Self,

Greetings from the future! I am writing this from that strange, unknown, and for some, scary year of 2012. Work was great today; I felt incredibly energetic and on top of my game with our students. I couldn’t help but reflect back on our fun-filled adventure otherwise known as 2011. Especially considering at this time in 2011, we had trouble walking up the stairs of the middle school several times a day. Let’s take a look back at how far we’ve come this past year, shall we?

In January you were just beginning to change your life for the better. You had heard of the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, and followed them on various social media sites, but had never really investigated what was up with the site. You finally took the time to read their website, and you were blown away. You were inundated with so many positive messages from women who had changed their lives for the better. You knew at that moment that those changes were in your grasp as well. You felt more confident in yourself than you had in a very long time. So, you joined the challenges and started a blog, and began your journey to better yourself.

Along the way you tackled the toughest of issues – emotional eating, binging, depression, your reclusive tendencies, your fear of being completely naked in the light in front of your (amazing) husband, etc. You were open and honest and received an incredible amount of support from women you now call friends. You grew to become the beautiful, emotionally stable, open, confident, sexy woman you are today. It’s true, girl, you’re a sexy piece of woman! And you’re husband agrees with me! 😉

You tackled your fertility issues and had many big conversations with the hubby about your feelings of inadequacy relating to those issues. You have made peace with the notion of “whatever will be, will be.” You are no longer a giant bundle of stress and nerves, just waiting to explode all over each student, friend, family member and/or innocent bystander unlucky enough to be near you. You re-found another great support system in your Weight Watchers family. Even more amazing, you were a wonderful support to so many other women who were experiencing the same difficulties you were.

Physically, you finally completed that dang Couch to 5K program that you were always starting and quitting. See, self, you ARE capable of amazing things. You began the program and you finished it. Get down with your bad self! You slowly worked up to exercising each day, and you couldn’t feel better. Your energy level is sky high, and it shines through in everything you do.

Lastly, you are nearing the conclusion of your graduate degree. You are that much closer to a Masters degree in Special Education. And you thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel! Turns out you just needed to pull yourself out of that negativity ditch you had buried yourself in. It took a lot of work, and you were pretty dirty and stinky at the end, but you made it out alive. Successfully. Healthy. Happy. More in love with husband with each passing day. You made it. And you’re so worth it.

So, keep your chin up, 2011. This year has so much in store for you. You will have to work for it, but nothing in this life ever comes easy or free. So, get to it.

Sincerely and sarcastically yours,

P.S. I love you!


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29-year-old work in progress Wife Teacher Animal Lover Graduate student Learning to love myself again
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10 Responses to Monthly Project – Dear Self

  1. Denise says:

    That was great! Hopefully you’ll achieve all of the things you’d like to – you can do it!

  2. Tiffany says:

    What a letter! One of the best decisions you will ever make is to be involved with the Sisterhood… It has literally changed my life and lead me to accomplish things I never thought I would. Good for you for tackling so many things – I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

    • zutoui says:

      Thank you so much for reading, and for your words of encouragement. I’m already convinced that the Sisterhood was one of the best decisions I’ve made recently. 🙂

  3. Nadine says:

    Very, very good!!

  4. AnnG says:

    You will find the best support system EVER in the Sisterhood. You will accomplish ALL you set out to do this year! Just believe in yourself and look for help any time you struggle!! Love the letter!!

  5. Adah says:

    2011 is the year you are going to break out and shine! Enjoy the experience!

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