About the blogger

Hello WordPress!

I am a 28-year-old wife, dog mom, and special education teacher in the Midwestern United States. I work very hard at work, at home, and in graduate school. Throughout this process I have let myself go. I am ashamed to look at myself in the mirror, and work very hard to avoid mirrors. I also avoid having my picture taken or being recorded. As an avid Type-A, to-do list writing queen, I am constantly updating my list of things I need to accomplish. The next big thing on that ever-growing list is ME. It’s time to take care of me. I will detail my struggles on this blog.

I do not intend to reveal my true identity at this time. I hope to experience a great deal of emotional growth throughout this process, and will potentially reveal myself at a later date. Until then, I am just another overweight Midwestern woman, ready to start livin’, and tackle that next thing on my list!


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